Keepin' A (Blog) Dream Alive

Considering this will be my 4th attempt, I felt I would do things differently than what I envisioned for the other scrapped blogs.

What you can expect:
  1. An updated archive of my album reviews

  2. Posted music downloads (singles? Yes. Mixtapes? Yes. Sorry, no full albums)

  3. Weekly Top Ten lists (whether it be songs of the week or lists from years past, I'm hoping to bring some diversity to the table)

  4. Features (Interviews, Collaborations, etc)
The emphasis will be on Hip-Hop, but I can't forget the rock-based teen years I came from.

So sit back, relax, and peep the review (John Travolta not included).

1 comment:

smokeYYY said...

Yizzur...hope you CAN manage to keep this one alive...LOL